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Hospital-Grade-Valiant-Wide-Hospital-Bed-for-saleBariatric is more than just a weight issue. Many people that are confined to a hospital bed may only weigh 120 lbs. but want a wider bed with all the bells and whistles. Once a bed is wider than the traditional 36” bed it is considered Bariatric. In a Facility, Sleep Clinic, After Birthing Room or a Home Care situation the above models are very desirable as they do not have the appearance of a typical hospital bed and fit into any décor. Also there is a Companion bed which is the same model but a traditional Adjustable Bed, where the hospital bed can be one of the above models.

With more than 1/3 of the population classified as obese, all facilities have to be prepared to handle this weight patient. You must look ahead and not wait until you are faced with this special patient. Using your existing equipment is not the best decision. Manufacturers’ specify a certain weight capacity that includes not only the weight of the patient but the weight of the mattress and the weight of the Frame as well. The proper bed is essential so that the Patient has more independence and a better quality of life. The caregiver or nurses are now equipped to deal with this special patient. All models will handle a Patient Lift.

The bed is just one part of the puzzle and I have devoted this website to products to make it easier to cut through the confusion.
The proper mattress is as important as the proper bed frame. There are many choices from Lateral Rotation Overlays for the lighter weight; to 1000 lbs. Alternating Pressure for all special sizes. For the average patient the proper pressure Relieving Foam mattress; so well constructed that handles any weight to 750 lbs. Firmer on the edges to keep the patient from sinking in, heel slope to support the feet properly and most important comfortable for any weight patient. This mattress is a favorite of the Sleep Clinics. For the After Birthing Rooms, we have designed a special mattress for the new mommy to handle her needs. Visit the Mattress link. You need to talk to someone that understands the specific needs and will guide you through the different choices.

What other equipment is needed to complete the picture? Below is just a sample of what you will find on the other pages. Click on the links above and call the number above to take the next step.

The Bariatric Chair, Recliner, Commodes, Patient Lifts, Shower Chairs.  Stair Lifts for the home to help people safely ride to the 2nd floor. Whatever your needs we have the answer.  And the list goes on.
The ADA Approved Pool Lift for the facility or Home Pool so necessary for exercise. How will you move this weight patient from room to room? You need the proper Power Chair or Wheelchair that is nurse controlled. For the home situation there are many different choices. Power chairs to 675 lb. wt. capacity, Scooters to 500 lb. wt. cap for the patient that wants a “set of wheels “for more independence.

Please take the time to click the link that is most beneficial for your needs. Keep in mind this is just a small sample of what is available and that is why I am here to help you find the right equipment at the right price.



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